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LinkedIn Lead Generation


B2B Email List Building

LinkedIn Lead Generation & Receive your prospects B2B email

  • Auto connect & message up to 3,200 of your prospects monthly via LinkedIn
  • Receive 1,500 of your visited prospects B2B email addresses for email campaigns monthly

LinkedIn Lead Generation plus monthly 1,500 B2B emails. Use the list for sales calls and follow up emails or bulk email campaigns.


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Contact us today. We are based out of Orange County California. We discuss each project to ensure we fit directly into your business model. Infinity Lead Gen will grow your business’s leads through one of our plans. Contact us today to discuss how we can help grow your business.

How Can Our B2B Lead Generation Services Help To Grow Your Business 

We are a team of dedicated individuals that share the same goal. Our team is driven to ensure that we help to get your business in front of the right prospects. Our B2B Lead Generation Services comes in three plans.

Managed Premium Plan: We set up your LinkedIn profile for LinkedIn Lead Generation. Auto connects to over 3k of your prospects per month while sending an automated message to each contact. We collect data from each prospect and provide their contact information on a monthly basis.

At the end of each month, we collect all your prospects that your automated profile visited and we deliver you their B2B email addresses. You can do two things with this list.

-Pass the list off to your sales teams for follow up phone calls then an email

-Load the list into a bulk email campaign to get your product or service in front of your prospects

LinkedIn Lead Generation and How We Will Grow Your Business to New Heights

When it comes to growing your business it’s all about getting the attention of your targeted prospects to ensure they see the value that you have to offer. Our Premium B2B Lead Generation Services does this for you on an automated basis. We automate your LinkedIn account to auto connect and message to over 1k of your prospects per month. At the end of the month, we provide you with their contact information so we can help to get your business in front of the right prospects.

Choose to bundle one of our plans listed below with our WordPress Development Services. We not only will build, optimize, maintain, create SEO for your WordPress website, but choose to bundle Lead Generation Services with our WordPress Development Services, and maximize your sites exposure to your targeted industry.