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Outsourced Lead Generation


Local Outsourced Lead Generation 

When running highly targeted marketing campaigns its imperative to be able to reach your targeted audience. Many Business owners don’t have a solid plan of action when trying to get their product or service in front of their targeted prospects or they’re spending way too much money on companies such as discover.org That’s where Infinity Lead Gen can step in and help with a solid local outsourced lead generation program that you can immediately start emailing or having your sales teams call upon.


How Infinity Lead Gen Helps With Your Outsourced Lead Generation 

First, we want to get to know your business a little more. A friendly US based agent will reach out for a short introductory phone call to discuss who your targeted prospects are. There are a few areas we want to uncover such as;

  • What industry are you looking to target
  • Would you like to target specific job titles
  • What types of locations are you looking in
    • All United States
    • By a state or multiple states
    • By cities or multiple cities
    • zip codes
  • A certain company or companies

As you can see we can get as granular as you need us to get. You know your business and who your targeted prospects are and Infinity Lead Gen will use our automated process to uncover those contacts for you.


Verification Process When Using Infinity Lead Gen Outsourced Lead Generation

Now that we have a solid understanding who your prospects are, and the location of your prospects, its time for Infinity Lead Gen to spring into action and get your data. We go through a three step process that I want to go through before we get your data in your hands.

First Step:

We go through the initial consultation between you and your team and one of our agents.We get to know who your company is and the prospects that you need to help to grow your business through marketing campaigns or through your sales teams.


Second Step:

Now that we know your company we use LinkedIn to source all of our data for you. Anyone that has a LinkedIn profile we will be able to get you their data for you to get your product or service in front of them. We use our software to go through and extract your targeted prospects out of LinkedIn on an automated basis. What you’ll receive is;

  • Contacts name
  • B2B email address (Verified we will go through this in the third 3)
  • Job title
  • How long the individual has been in that title
  • Time our software has extracted the data
  • City and state
  • Company LinkedIn Link
  • Company Link and more
  • CSV file ready to upload your content to start marketing emails or phone calls


Third Step:

Now we have all your targeted prospects its time to go through our third and final step before we get your prospects in your hands. We have all the listed data into a tight list. We now run each email through a variation test to ensure your B2B email address is valid and won’t bounce. We begin and check on an automated basis,

  • Domain validation 
  • Validate all MX records
  • Validate and verify DNS records
  • Which emails are working
  • Which emails are able to receive an email and more


Let Infinity Lead Gen be Your Automated Local Outsourced Lead Generation Partner

Here at Infinity Lead Gen we work hard to make sure we go above and beyond when it comes to understanding your niche and who your targeted prospects are. We want to help to build your database and help to grow your business through our outsourced lead generation program the same way we have for different types of industries nationwide. We are US based out of Orange County California. Click here for a quick quote or just give us a call directly (949) 750-6931 We are excited to help to grow your business. Also checkout our other services such as WordPress Development, Design and custom SEO services.

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      admin says:

      We are very flexible and will meet and exceed your needs. We will send you a private message. We start by getting an understanding of what your needs are.

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      admin says:

      We setup your LinkedIn account on automation to connect and message your targeted prospects. Typically around 4k per month. At the end of the month we provide you with their B2B email addresses for follow ups. You can also revisit the LinkedIn prospects as often as you’d like. We set everything up for you.

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